Application of limestone in the manufacture of glass

From the dawn of humanity human beings have come to know natural glass and use it for a variety of purposes. Natural glass is formed by the melting of many minerals under high temperatures such as volcanic eruptions, lightning strikes or under the impact of meteorites, which are then cooled and rapidly solidified.


Today, the glass is divided into three categories:

     Flat glass
     Hollow glass

Calcium carbonate is used in glass as a stabilizer and changes viscosity, while increasing the durability of glass. With most of the important glass properties of stone powder, the iron content must be very low, Low chemical and humidity properties. Other minerals are also added: Dolomite, Magnesium Carbonate, Calcium Mineral to increase the durability of these glasses.

In addition, calcium carbonate is the main ingredient in the production of ceramics. In addition to silicates, calcium carbonate also reduces costs and is indispensable for reducing melting temperatures, increasing mechanical strength and reducing chemical burnout time.

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