Important application of dolomite in the fisheries

Dolomite is one of the indispensable ingredients in the field of aquaculture, especially shrimp farming. Dolomite is used to treat water, increase the alkalinity of water, provide trace elements and macronutrients for aquaculture.

1. Dolomite is used for water treatment

Dolomite is used to treat pond water when:

- Nutritional imbalance with humus and organic matter mud

- Water soft, with low alkalinity

- Ponds are infected with alum

Then, using Dolomite powder sprinkled on the pond will work:

- Neutralize acid, increase pH of water and pond bottom

- Increase CO2 for photosynthesis of phytoplankton

- Precipitation of glues in water

- Increasing the phosphorus content in the bottom, reducing dissolved phosphorus

- Provides macronutrients such as Ca, Mg, P, Na, K, Cl and trace elements such as Fe, Mn, B, Mo, Cu, Co, Zn ... Create a favorable environment for algae to grow.
When sprinkling dolomite powder in water treatment, it is possible to determine the amount of Dolomite powder to be sprinkled according to the pH decrease of the pond as follows: if the pH below 6 uses 100kg / hectare; If 6 <pH <7.5 use 50kg / ha.

2. Use Dolomite as a feedstock for aquaculture

During aquaculture, the pH of the culture ponds is constantly decreasing, the composition of macronutrients and micronutrients are continuously added to create a suitable environment for aquatic and beneficial algae to grow. ; Therefore, it is often necessary to sprinkle with Dolomite powder
The amount of Dolomite powder sprinkled periodically should be based on the pH of water, with a pH drop of about 1 can be powdered, the rate of sprinkling is 30 to 50kg / hectare.


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