Minerals have an important role in disease resistance as well as the growth and development of fisheries. To ensure that fisheries development, reducing disease, farmers need additional attention, maintain essential mineral content.

The mineral substance is an essential factor

The mineral substance is ingredients in all the cells and tissues of the body, plays an important role in the activities of animal life in general and in particular aquatic animal. In the process of transforming the material and physiological processes in the body animal, mineral substance involved in the process of respiration to transform the oxygen and emissions carbon dioxide; ensuring appropriate conditions for the functioning of the enzyme in the stomach and intestines during digestion; maintaining the stability of the osmotic pressure; pH stability inside and outside the cell ...

Some trace minerals (copper, zinc, manganese, iodine ...) as a catalyst in metabolic activity, helps increase the activity of enzymes, hormones, vitamins. In addition, mineral salts help animal body solve toxins generated during the absorption and metabolism of the material.

When the lack of minerals, aquatic animals will reduce the resistance, susceptible to the pathogens by bacteria, viruses, parasites in the water and pond bottom attacks lead to diseases such as soft-shelled, slow growth in the shrimp, hunchbacked in catfish ...  In contrast, when enough mineral substances, fish and shrimp have capable of self-cleaning, high disease resistance as well as good growth and development.

Mineral supplements

In the component of industrial food have mineral substances, but not enough to meet the needs of shrimp. Thus, during feeding, farmers also need to provide a part of mineral substances, using products with mineral supplements on the market.

Additional extent of 0.5 to 2% depending on component and dosage of the product and the stage of development of shrimp and fish, farmers can mix with food in proportion to that vendor instruct.

Some supplements Minerals that Green Minerals provide as: Calcium Green, Dolomite Green ... is useful increase calcium mineral, magnesium mineral helps hard shell seafood (shrimp) and grow. GREEN brand to consumers be assured of quality products and competitive prices on the market.

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