Regulations for goods imported into Bangladesh

Basic import duties

Bangladesh has made significant progress in trade liberalization, with tariff rates ranging from 0 to 37.5 per cent and 2.5 per cent of import costs being just a protection instrument with most imported goods. The current import licensing system has been automated and the procedures for opening letters of credit have been simplified.

Customs duties are levied on all imported items, except raw cotton, textile machinery, machinery for irrigation and agriculture, feed used in the poultry industry and milk, certain medicines and medical devices.

The tax rate is determined by the following lines:

- A few essential items: 0 - 15%

- Basic raw materials for production: 15 - 22.5%

- Semi-finished products: 22.5 - 30%

- Finished products: 30 - 37.5%

3% surcharge for development applied to imports plus import fees of 2.5% and prepaid tax (AIT).

Customs valuation

Common taxes are based on CIF prices of goods.

Imported goods through a letter of credit are taxed on the basis of a CRF from three assessment partners appointed by the PSI.

Import Regulations

Unless otherwise stated, all import transactions through a bank require a Letter of Credit (LCA) form. All imported goods must be made through the opening of an irrevocable Letter of Credit.

Labeling and marking requirements

Imported goods (including outer packaging) do not contain any words or scripts of religious meaning that may affect the religious beliefs of Bangladeshi people. Imported goods should not have pictures, messages, images symbolize sensitive.

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