Stone powder for polishing

Learn about polished stone powders

Powdered stone consists of powders such as CaCO3 limestone powder, super fine white stone powder ... It has many applications for different industries. Limestone powder is a filler added to enhance the properties of the product such as gloss, coating, fineness, adhesion, weight gain, product formability, and impact resistance. Increase the dispersed productivity, make the foundation for the color of the product is expressed, easy to work and contribute to reduce product cost.

In the treatment of metal surfaces or in polishing, polished stone powder, also known as polished sand, is a specialized sand used in the surface treatment of metals. Currently, polished stone powder is used widely and widely, they have many sizes, to distinguish them mainly based on particle size, commonly used particle size from # 60, # 80, 150, # 240, # 320, # 400, # 600. Each particle size will be suitable for a different surface finish. For fine-grained sand, they are often used to grind metal surfaces. Due to the small particle size, so when in contact, friction with the metal surface, they are very easily polished surface. As for the large particle size sand, they are often used in grinding surface smooth metal.

Stone powder with many useful uses

Stone powder is used as a grinding wheel. Use of stone powder combined with glue and coconut fiber cake will create grinding wheels, polishing wheels. Commonly used glue is cement glue, buffalo skin glue, two component glue, synthetic glue. When applying a layer of glue on coconut fiber cake, roll over the stone powder and dry it into a grinding wheel. For each different grain size of the powder, the grinding wheel will be used to grind or grind the surface of the metal.

Another use of stone powder is to be used with sprayers in the surface treatment of metals. The product to be polished is put into the conveyor belt, and then inserted into the spray chamber of the sand blasting machine. Here, the nozzles travel longitudinally, transversely across the tape, sandblasting under high pressure, sand particles under the pressure of the nozzle impact on the metal surface. After finishing one side of the product, the blasting machine proceeds to flip the product and process the remaining face. The closed chamber, the sand particles after contact with the product will fall into the slot on the transmission, then the nozzle suction to continue to use again, avoid loss of material.

Thus, polished stone powder has many different uses commonly used in the metal surface treatment.

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