Supply of CaCO3 stone powder at white limestone mine in Ha Nam province

Calcium carbonate powder

Supply capacity: 15,000 tons / tonne per month
New Items: 100% (Production on request)
Product details
- Specific gravity: 2.7g / cm3
- Brightness: 90%
- Whiteness: 90%
- Maximum humidity: 0.2%
- Hardness: 3 Moh
- Oil Permeability: 24g / 100g CaCO3
- Weight: 25kg bag, 50kg bag and jumbo bag

Application Characteristics:
- Superfine fillers
- Used to fill, tighten up the physical properties of the higher, shaping and smooth surface.

Recommended features:
- GCC heavy powder with high purity
- High brightness and brightness
- Powder for dyeing
- Superfine powder
Application areas:
Fillers in paint
2. Sealing material
3. Plastic industry
4. Synthesis
5. Fertilizer production
6. Animal feed production
7. Tile of terrazzo, granito brick, block brick
Particle size from 60-250 microns depending on the requirements of customers
We will deliver the goods at the request of the customer.
When there is a need to purchase please let us know some of the following requirements of the customer
+ Volume and quality requirements
+ Time and place of delivery.

Contact: Green Minerals Limited Company

Factory: Kien Khe Industrial Zone - Ha Nam

Hotline: (+84) 916024258


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