What is animal feed?

1. What is animal feed?

Livestock feeds that animals eat, drink in fresh, raw or preserved form, including: feed ingredients or single feed, complete complete feed and source products. Plants, animals, microorganisms, minerals, chemical products, biotechnology ... These products provide the nutrients necessary for the orthodontist, ensuring the animal Healthy, grow, reproduce and produce normally for a long time.

2. Classify animal feed

1) Feed materials or single feeds are feeds used to provide one or more nutrients in animal rations.

2) Complete mixed feed is a mixture of various feed ingredients formulated to ensure that there are enough nutrients to sustain the livelihood and productivity of livestock in stages or production cycle without adding any food other than drinking water.

3) Concentrated feeds are mixtures of feed ingredients that have a higher nutrient content than demand for livestock and mixed with other ingredients to form complete feeds.

4) Extra feed is a single or mixed feed of a variety of ingredients added to the diet to balance the nutrients needed for the body of the animal.

5) Feed additives are substances with or without nutritional value added to animal feeds during processing and treatment in order to maintain or improve certain characteristics of animal feeds.

6) Premix is a complementary food consisting of a mixture of one or more active substances and carriers.

7) The active ingredient is the minor nutrients or growth stimulants, spawning or substances other biological functions are given to the animals with food or water.

8) Carrier is a substance that animals can eat to be mixed with active ingredients in the premix but does not affect the health of the animal.

9) Livestock feed production is the implementation of one, several or all of the activities of producing, processing, packaging, preserving and transporting animal feed.

3. Classification of feed ingredients
1) Based on origin, animal feed consists of the following:
    - Dried Raw Food: all kinds of natural grass, dried grass is cut, all kinds of agricultural residues have dried ... crude fiber content> 18%, such as:
    • Leguminous legumes: pangola, stylo ...
    • Industrial and agricultural products: corn, peanut, corn stover, rice straw, bagasse, pineapple pulp ... dried.

    - Green food: all kinds of vegetables, grasses, fresh grass such as: watermelon, strawberry, cabbage, kohlrabi, elephant grass, young corn, ghine grass ...
  - High-calorie foods: All foods with a crude protein content of <20%, crude 70% TDN such as:
      • Grains: corn, rice, sorghum ...
      • molasses, oil, grease ...
      • Waste milling products: rice bran, wheat bran, corn bran ...
      • Root crops: cassava, sweet potato, potato, pumpkin ...

   - Green beet feed:
      • Fresh corn, green mulberry grass.
      • Silage vegetables.
   - Mineral supplements:
      • Bone meal, shell powder, limestone powder, CaCO3 powder ...
      • Minerals: FeSO4, CuSO4, MnSO4 ...
     - Non-nutritional supplements:
      • Mold remedies, antioxidants.
      • growth stimulant ...
      • Color, odor.
      • Preventive medicine, antibiotics.
    - Vitamin supplements: A, D, E, B1, B2, C ...

   Protein-rich foods: All foods with a crude protein content of> 20%, crude fiber <18%, such as:
      • Plant-based protein foods: legumes (soybeans, sesame, cats ...) and industrial by-products (peanut oil, soybean oil ...).
      • Yeast, algae, microorganism ...
      • Protein-rich foods: fish meal, meat meal, milk powder ...
   - Mixed feed is a mixture of two or more processed ingredients. Mixed feed is formulated according to the manufacturer's formula.

There are 3 types of complete food:
      - Mixture: is a mixture of supplements such as minerals, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, preventive medicine ... Additive mixtures are usually processed in the form of premix. For example: mineral premix, vitamin-amino acid premix ...

    - Complete mixture: is a mixture containing all the nutrients necessary for domestic animals, when feeding without any supplement other than drinking water.
    - Concentrated Mixture: a mixture rich in proteins, amino acids, minerals, vitamins; When feeding animals, they dilute with other concentrates (eg corn, rice bran, etc.).

2) Based on processing methods, animal feed includes:
     - Pelleted feeds are obtained through bran pellets processed from corn, potato, cassava, rice, soybean meal.

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